What We Do Best is Business Transactions

We aim to be the most trusted marketplace for buying and selling privately-held businesses in the region.

Sell-Side Representation

We specialize in representing business owners in the sale of their business by conducting a business valuation, drafting the confidential information memorandum, marketing the business for sale confidentially, screening prospective buyers, negotiation offers and deal terms, and quarterbacking the deal all the way to settlement.

Buy-Side Services

ASPIRA happily serves individuals, growth-oriented companies, and investors such as private equity groups and family offices with their search to find the right business opportunity. We are especially helpful to lead in the effort to succefully close deals when you already have an opportunity in front of you. 

Broker Assessment of Value

For business owners, ASPIRA offers a FREE no obligation Broker Assessment of Value (“BAV”) if you want to know what your business would sell for in today’s marketplace.  Also, learn how to dramatically improve its value. 

Alternatively, ASPIRA offers both buyers and sellers a fee-based service to valuation as an affordable alternative to an accountant or certified valuation analysts approach.

Transaction Broker Services

You have found the business you think you want to own. Now what? ASPIRA will assist you with investigating the business to make sure you have a fair deal and will help you with every stage of the deal. Unlike other advisors such as traditional accountants and attorneys, we are incentivized to get you the deal you’re happy with – nothing less.