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Sell-Side Representation

ASPIRA has the tools, expertise and unparalleled commitment to help small and mid-size business owners sell their enterprise quickly, efficiently and profitably.   We encourage you to read the following case study to see how ASPIRA delivers big business results for a main street business.   


How We Increased a Seller’s Sales Price by $150,o00 (25% increase)

A franchisee was selling his business.  He had an offer he thought was acceptable at $600,000.  The owner couldn’t close the deal. This is very common.  When he lost his buyer, he finally gave in and asked another franchisee for the broker he successfully worked with. That broker was ASPIRA Business Brokers.

Details of Case Study

The For Sale By Owner (FSBO)


After years of living, breathing and growing his business, a franchisee decided to “cash out” his sweat equity and start a new chapter in his life.  While the decision to sell was easy, actually making it happen was a challenge. He was fortunate enough to get a buyer in hand that made an offer he was willing to accept.  However, as the owner engaged the buyer directly, the buyer was not required to keep information confidential and he noticed the buyer quickly began losing interest. In the end, the owner lost the buyer.  While the owner was very good at running his business, he was not able to close the deal because the skills and experiences required to run a business and sell a business are different.


Orlando, the founder of ASPIRA, met with the owner personally.  The owner quickly recognized that he now had a loyal and trusted advocate who would go the extra mile and protect his interests. Upon hiring ASPIRA, the team immediately “dove in” to prepare the business for sale and price it correctly to maximize the market value.   ASPIRA aggressively marketed the business qualified buyers, served as the intermediary with interested parties, lined up bank financing and negotiated final terms to ensure the seller was fully protected. It took less than 4 months to find the ideal buyer but more than a year to overcome challenges and close the deal.It was not easy, but well worth it.

Best Offer Before working with ASPIRA


ASPIRA delivered an accepted offer


Sales Price Increase


Increased Net Gain


What the Owner Has to Say… 

“I can’t believe that I attempted to sell on my own. So happy that I reached out for help. I didn’t know, what I didn’t know.”

Veteran Franchisee

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