Leadership to Ownership Program

Turning Accomplished Professionals Into Entrepreneurs

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Leadership to Ownership is the ideal program for anyone looking to fully realize their potential by jumping off of the corporate ladder into entrepreneurship.  You’ve worked hard leading teams and meeting deadlines over the years, but you’re left you feeling restricted and hungry for a more independent opportunity. Deciding to buy your first small business can be an uncertain and intimidating process, but ASPIRA is ready to assist at every step of the way. 

How do We Work?

Take the First Step.

Step 1:

While you have confidently mastered your professional field, navigating the process of finding the right entrepreneurial opportunity is an very demanding process requiring specialized skills and knowledge.    Our team’s first priority is to build a strong relationship with you by understanding your professional skills and interests and crafting a personalized plan for your journey from “Leadership to Ownership” 

Step 2:

Once you decide to hire us, the ASPIRA team will start a tailor made search for your perfect small business. By building on our 3 step buyer services program, our leadership to ownership matchmaking process relies on two way communication at every stage of acquisition coupled with a level of expertise and service usually reserved for fortune 500 clients.   

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