Advisory Services

ASPIRA is primarily a commission or success based firm. However, ASPIRA can be hired on a fee-basis as a consultant, coach or advisor.

Valuations for ASPIRA is more like a report on a business’ Most Probable Sales Price.

This is great for those that need to get a formal report of how much a business is worth without breaking the bank.

Financing for small business is routinely challenging.  ASPIRA has been fortunate enough to spend many years servicing our buyers to get financing for purchases. With this experience, ASPIRA hears from business owners and entrepreneurs alike seeking help for various financing needs. That is why ASPIRA will roll out a separate financing arm of ASPIRA later this year. 

Feel free to reach out now with questions.  

Every decision begins with a valuation

It is hard to make a decision to buy or sell a business without knowing what the business is worth. 

It is also hard to know whether you set up partner agreements fairly without some form of opinion of value. 

The most affordable and most practicle approach to determining a business’ value is to ask ASPIRA Business Brokers & Advisors.  ASPIRA has the insights needed to truly know what a business is worth to a third party.  

Avoid wondering whether you guessed a business’ value correctly