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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets ASPIRA apart?

No other company shares our passion and commitment to bring small business the knowledge, expertise and exceptional service previously available only for the Fortune 500. 

Who do you serve?

We serve business owners with $500,000 to $20,000,000 in annual revenue. Geographic locations tend to be in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. 

Tell me about your process?

ASPIRA Business Brokers will work with a business owner to prepare a business for sale by conducting a business valuation based on current buyer market demand, drafting a Confidential Business Review,  We then match the sellers with qualified buyers based on buyers’ cash flow needs, industry strengths, geographic restrictions and cash required to purchase among many other factors.  Once a match is found, ASPIRA facilitates the deal from presentation of Offer to Due Diligence to Financing and to Settlement. 

Does ASPIRA work with buyers too?

Yes, ASPIRA works with business buyers. On occassion, a buyer will hire ASPIRA to help them close a deal they are working on. We refer to this as transaction broker agency.   When a buyer has a business they want to purchase but realize the benefit of having someone help them to avoid the big mistakes most buyers make and to improve their chances of closing the deal by 10 fold.


Learn more on our buyer services page or copy/paste: 

What are the benefits of working with ASPIRA?

The benefits to a Seller include:  A FREE no obligation opinion of business value, Successful transaction (or we don’t get paid), Dramatically increased value of the business for sale due to ASPIRA’s process, a guide through the landmines every deal encounters, and creative problem solving to reduce risk for both the seller and buyer.  Buyers enjoy working with us because we provide qality information and support for vetted businesses so finding an opportunity is less of a hassle and more of a joy to do. 


What is the difference between M&A and Business Brokering?

If done properly the only difference is the size of the deal. Business brokers is a term used for deal makers of small (aka main street business) to medium sized businesses while M&A Advisors, as they are referred to, focus their efforts on big business. The size in annual revenue of net earnings after interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization is subject to opinion, that is there isn’t one number that everyone agrees to. We realize that deal sizes are much smaller on main street but our motivation isn’t to make the big bucks, instead we have a mission to serve main street business owners and to help them with the need for liquidity in their privately held businesses. Wall street has a big advantage. It is time small to medium sized businesses begin to experience the same benefits.   

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