Buyer Services...

Begins with Buyer Representation

ASPIRA aids individuals, private equity firms and companies with acquiring profitable businesses. We can jump into almost any stage of the deal to guide you through the process and bring in our A-team.

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Stage I: Buyer Search Services

Finding the Deal

Finding the right deal is possibly the most time intensive and costly work an aspiring buyer will endure.  Nothing in the process can take as much time and effort.  If you need added capacity to search for a smart acquisition, ASPIRA can help.  At this early stage, ASPIRA will take the lead to find a business to acquire, and navigate the deal to close.

Stage II: Buyer Agency

Qualifying the Deal

Many aspiring business buyers will have an idea of what type of business they want to own, but they know there is a lot they do not know about buying a business.  ASPIRA’s buyer services are adaptive to your specific needs; bring in ASPIRA for support to make the initial contact or have ASPIRA assist with sifting through opportunities. From there, ASPIRA  will guide the process from securing the opportunity (i.e. Letter of Intent), conducting due diligence, finding financing and of course facilitating the closing.

Stage III: Transaction Broker Services

Due Diligence

For a buyer, ASPIRA’s Transaction Broker Services is a smart way to improve your chances of closing the deal on terms that does not leave you wondering if you lost your shirt and didn’t even know it. This is a perfect service for either a buyer or a seller that has been working on an agreement to purchase and sale of a business but the other party’s advisor seems to threaten the deal.

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